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Introduction is one of Indian leading educational website that helps students, parents, and teachers online. We help students with the preparation of various exams including 10th and 12th Board exams, olympiad, etc. Apart from this, we are always ready to answer the queries asked by students and providing them a possible best online help desk. is a website that also helps the students by providing them online study material like solved previous year papers, important questions, etc. for their better preparation. Our experts and well-efficient team give their best to make these study material worth a buy.


Advertise with us

An educational institute, services or offers which are useful for students are welcome to advertise at, separate pages are available here according to the offers.

We help you reach out to aspirants, students, and alumni. Increase your reach by working with us – India’s largest online student community.

Our demographic profile comprises a highly active audience spread uniformly across major Indian metros and responsive to online advertising that is young & eager to get higher education.


What we offer

We have plenty of options for you to choose from since it is important to use multiple avenues to reach out to your target audience. Drop us a quick email/telephone number so that our marketing expert can get in touch with you to help you make the best choices.


Tutomi Academy at a Glance

Our SourcesDaily Traffic
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Ad Details

We display one ad on the right panel of the website which is also the main header area. The size of this ad is 300px wide and 600 PX tall (on average display). One can choose to give a smaller add of 300 X 300.

Pricing Details

Following are the pricing details of ads:

  1. Complete 300 X 600 ad will cost Rs. 15K per month.

  1. One 300 X 300 add (which will remain at top of the other ads of 300 X 300) will cost Rs. 7K/month. Two 300 X 300 ads will cost Rs. 14K/month. If you are willing to pay for the complete 300 X 600 ad, then we will eliminate other ads from the right panel of


Apart from this, we are willing to display a banner ad which will remain at the top of the website. This ad will cost Rs. 30K per month


Guest Article

We also offer sponsored guest articles. The cost of 1 do-follow backlink is Rs. 8K, whereas the cost for 2 do-follow backlinks will be 10K (both the links will be given to the same website). Maximum 2 backlinks will be given. Following are the condition for the content:

  1. The content should be strictly related to education and should be 100% original and unique.
  2. The content should be free from any kind of grammatical or spelling errors.
  3. The language of the content should match the standards of tutomi.
  4. There should be no spamming of any kind like keyword stuffing etc.
  5. The information given in the content should be according to the title.


The content will be first revised by our advertising team and will be published only after their approval. We do offer content writing for backlinks. In such a case, we will be responsible for the quality of the content and the title, and the same will be published upon your approval. The cost will be Rs. 20K per article.


How to Contact Us

Tutomi Academy Grievance Officer shall undertake all reasonable efforts to address your grievances at the earliest possible opportunity. You may contact it at:

Grievance Officer: Mr. Praween

Address: Plot No 432, Rd No 5, Vandana Vihar, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Reach out to us on help(@), in case of any queries.

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