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Earn Money

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You can earn money by answering simple questions from 5th to 12th class. An individual, Student or teacher is welcome to answer asked questions at Tutomi Academy website(


How to Earn Money at Tutomi Academy(

If you have good knowledge and you can give correct answers to the asked questions related to Mathematics, Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology), and others then you can earn money by answering simple questions.

Most of the asked questions from 5th to 12th classes, if you are a student and good in studies then it is a better way to earn money in your part-time.


How to Start Making Money:


First, you have to browse, there is list of questions asked by users. Read the questions carefully and make correct answers. You can write text or also upload photos, Voice, and Videos (PNG, JPEG, PDF, MS-Word, PowerPoint, MP3, MP4 files) to give the correct answers.


Before answering the questions you need to open(register) an account at It is free and simple to open (register) a new account at


Fill correct details during new account registration like your email, name and other contact information.


How Do Points System Pay You

Currently, we pay 100 RS/- for every 100 points.

You can request to redeem your points by sending a message to tutomi through your account.


How Do You Earn Points?

There is a list of ways to earn points at tutomi academy(, but the main ways are listed below…

  1. You get 20 points when you (signup)register a new account at avoid to create more than one account).
  2. When any registered user writes a new article(New Post), He/She earns 30 points for each new posts.
  3. If your answer has been selected as the best answer, you earn 20 points.
  4. When you write a correct answer for a given question, you earn 2 points for each answer(Please Avoid writing multiple answers for a single question; see payment policy). We advise you to give a single answer(no matter how long in words) for a unique question.
  5. We pay for asking a question too. You earn 10 points for writing 100 questions.
  6. You earn 25 points for every 1000 followers. Getting more followers is so easy if you have good knowledge, your answers are unique and easy to understand for students then they follow you.


How Do You Earn Points From Badges

Tutomi Academy provides categories(Badges) for registered users. When you get a new badge, you earn extra bonus points as given below.

For Badge: Verified AccountYou Earn 500 Bonus Points
For Badge: Student AccountYou Earn 5000 Bonus Points
For Badge: Sr. Student AccountYou Earn 8000 Bonus Points
For Badge: Teacher AccountYou Earn 12000 Bonus Points
For Badge: Sr. Teacher AccountYou Earn 15000 Bonus Points
For Badge: Vice-Principal AccountYou Earn 25000 Bonus Points
For Badge: Principal AccountYou Earn 50000 Bonus Points
For Badge: Expert AccountYou Earn 100000 Bonus Points


How do you receive payment?

You Will Be Paid Through Online Payment Process (Paytm/UPI/IMPS/ NEFT/Paypal).

For more details, please contact us through email or private account messaging system.

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